Clothes meet with a new international life


Second hand clothes are processed through regular and organized series of procedures. High control and quality guarantee are the main focus.


An ultra-modern automatic machinery, the care of the working people give start to a real production cycle: regular and organized series of procedures to get raw materials into a finished product.


Born as a family-run business, the company reaches international markets thanks to a long tradition and expertise: Skills, reliability and professionalism handed down by the founder Felice Esposito to his children Giovanni, Carmine and Antonio directing alone the current business leadership since 1996.

About Us

Thanks to its 40 years rooted experience, F.lli Esposito Import Export srl is a well-known and appreciated company working in the field of second hand clothing recover and management.

Born as a family-run business, the company becomes in few years renowned on international markets thanks to those skills, reliability and professionalism that Felice Esposito, its founder, handed down with great passion to his children Giovanni, Carmine and Antonio directing the current business leadership since 1996.

The company is based in Marcianise and in Valle di Maddaloni (Caserta city) spreading on a total expanse of 36.000 sq. m.: the working force counts 330 units and it is daily sorting 100 tons of used clothes and shoes reaching a total quantity of 25.000 tons in a year time.

Thanks to the constant and careful work daily carried on – the second hand clothes and shoes meet here with a new life: completely recovered the used garments are now ready to be sold once more all over the world.

European regulations on non-dangerous textile wastes are ruling the complete used clothes recovering chain: for this reason the Company easily achieve the decree D.D. N. 183 dated 02/08/2012 and the decree D.D. N. 213 dated 26/10/2018 by the local government – Regione Campania – allowing by law F.lli Esposito Import Export srl to stock, sort and recover non dangerous textile wastes, i.e. second hand clothes and shoes.
The Company can regularly manage textile wastes identified by the European codes CER 200110/200111 for recovering actions known as R13 and R3 for a total allowed quantity of 67.000 tons in a year.

since 1996

Three brothers Giovanni, Carmine e Antonio directing the current business leadership since 1996.

330 Employees

processing 100 tons per day of second hand clothes and shoes collections.


F.lli Esposito Import Export srl is marked by a real corporate social responsibility and by a deep environmental awareness making of these principles their own strategy: green economy and sustainable development are key words along all the Company production system and work.

Production system and economic growth are constantly respectful of the environment and careful about its improvement, all this represents a natural surplus value for all the items produced: the reuse and the recycle of garments already worn reduces the strong impact that the production of new textiles fibers has generally on the environment: just consider the CO2 emission and the necessary use of fertilizers and pesticides once producing new clothes: fashion can be green if you really want to!

Green Economy

Our main focus for a completely sustainable economy.


Worn clothes recovering to fight C02 emission involving new clothes industry.

Second Life
for a green soul

a real corporate mission supporting
green economy and sustainable development principles.

Our Markets

The used clothes and shoes commercialization is developed upon a global scale: F.lli Esposito Import Export srl is well-know and appreciated in almost all the continents. Exploiting its strategic position in the Mediterranean Region, the company is daily exporting abroad in:

Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea,Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Namibia, Niger, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia.
Albania, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary.
Russia, Pakistan, India.
-South America:
Bolivia and Chile.

Exporting Worldwide

second hand clothes sold widely throughout the continents.


Exploiting a logistically strategic position in the Mediterranean Region.



Various are the aspects that can generally induce a company to the success, here the prominent one is a sincere passion for excellence: this passion gets concrete involving all the production system completely reorganized thanks to the support of a an ultra modern automatic machinery. The sorting of second hand clothes becomes based on a accurate production cycle that means a regular and organized series of procedures in order to get raw materials into a finished product. High control and quality are however always guaranteed. As a matter of fact, the company F.lli Esposito boasts quality certificates like the ISO 9001 and furthermore environmental respectful certificates like the ISO 14001.

Each day the company sorts 100 tons of used clothing and used shoes coming essentially from Switzerland but also from the North of Europe.

The sanitization of second hand clothes starts the working process. Garments get free from microorganisms and bacteria before they start the sorting phase: immediately after their arrival, the second hand clothes pass through a cleansing tunnel where ozone nebulization is constant and guarantees the perfect purification of the wears before the sorting process. The sorting process valuates the wear of the clothes, their peculiarities and the needs of the destination market.

Zero waste is the main purpose of the production system – for this, all the clothes not wearable anymore turn into wiping rags for industrial cleaning use or instead they are destined to be recycled into new textile fibers.

Second hand clothes and shoes meet here with a new life: after the processing and the accurate sorting phase, they are finally ready to be worn again and to be exported, for this purpose, all over the world.


True passion for excellence involving all the production system.


Quality certificate ISO 9001 Environmental certificate ISO 14001


Valle di Maddaloni

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Antonio, Carmine, Giovanni Esposito

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